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What can you do in five to six hours if you have phone & email issues?

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What can you do in five to six hours if you have smart phone and email issues?

You can make a rational and calculated decision!

Clearly we have been inundated with the fact ‘that time is money’. Well let me share what I did on this past Friday. I have been without internet on my Blackberry since Wednesday into Thursday….evidently GoDaddy my email host was having server issues. This in turn escalated to my BlackBerry Bold not getting any emails.

Not wanting to bore you with all the details after not getting things resolved on Thursday rather making things worse by calls to Verizon & GoDaddy I decided Friday was the day of reckoning. It had to get fixed.

So from 11:30 am until 5:20pm I started with Verizon talked with Tech Support in Maine then was transferred to Tech Support in Georgia higher level, then transferred to BlackBerry in Asia who in turn conference me in with GoDaddy in Arizona.

My BlackBerry Bold was whipped clean and data reloaded. Once finished I was confident I had email and things were back to normal….

Well not so fast…Saturday I was out with clients and wanted to email a picture I just took with the BlackBerry….good thing I took a whole bunch of pictures with my camera as well, because I was unable to email the pictures from my smart phone….

Well here we are Sunday I am out showing properties and my other clients are emailing me and want answers…I make a quick attempt at sending emails and amazingly enough the smart phone cannot send emails either.

So since Wednesday I have been Smartphone challenged, hence after 96 hours of not having the right service and hampering my business I have decided that this t the Loyal BlackBerry client needs to move on for the sake of my clients and my own sanity.

I do not know if there is a Samsung Galaxy S5 or an I- phone or who knows what in my picture tomorrow but I know it will not be the BlackBerry Bold.

This is very hard for a loyal BB person of over ten plus years to do but my client service comes first. OK any ideas which phone I should get within the next day or two?


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