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What are You Doing to Safeguard Your and Your Clients’ Personal Information?

Posted on Nov 16, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

As a Realtor we have access to financial information, Tax information, Tax I.D. Income, where our clients live, work and much more sensitive information to name a few, that  and much more sensitive information to name a few, that our clients trust us with. As their trusted real estate advisor how do you safeguard their personal and financial information?

 First Recommendation is to have a good shredder at home. As soon as I do not need some papers into the shredder it goes.

  • Second install anti-spy ware, anti-virus, and firewall software on your personal computer.
  • Keep updating your operating system for current security patches. I have MacAfee, they are great. I have it on automatic program. As a new patch arrives, it automatically uploads it on my computer.
  • If you take your lap top on the road, make sure you lock your laptop and have password protection on it.
  • I know this is a hard one to do, but never save your online ID, password, or PIN to automatically enter a site. If you do not take this advice at least do it on your financial sites such as your Savings, Checking and 401k accounts.

 I try to keep safe and secure not only my personal information, but my clients’ as well. I take all papers home from my office. I have a home office set up with Printer, Shredder, safe cabinet and PC. In today’s world of instant access to information we have to stay vigilant. Maintaining your and your client’s privacy to personal information is a must. It is also important to be internet vigilant, since we get a lot of Leads via the Internet. If I missed some points please add to the list.


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