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Were these signs necessary if I am wrong tell me a MDR,CA question?

Posted on Jul 28, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Really were these signs necessary? Tell me if I am wrong a Marina Del Rey, CA resident thinking out loud.

As I casually walk by the Ultra Expensive Beach Toilet & Showers the Government built for the Marina Del Rey, CA and Venice Beach, CA beach visitors and locals I keep thinking why? Why did we need to spend such outrageous amounts, but that is a different subject.

In front of this Luxurious Bathrooms these two signs have been bothering me for quite some time. Why did the government need to put these signs three? Are we as unaware of our surroundings as we go to use the facilities that we need to be told with a sign or two that a Truck or two might pass by?

ocean view homes in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath

What are these Trucks you might ask? Well it could be the one that cleans out the Toilet, it could be the one that evens out the sand so it looks smooth, or it could be the Trash Truck that picks up the rubbish from the containers that are strategically located on the sand or it could be the Lifeguard Truck picking up and dropping of Lifeguards.

Keep in mind most of these with the exception of the Lifeguard Trucks come around once a week. So really were these signs necessary?

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