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Weltanschauung: Views of the World according to Active Rain & Endre Barath:)

Posted on Jan 27, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Weltanschauung: Views of the World according to Active Rain & Endre BarathJ

I have joined Active Rain sometime in 2007/2008 time frame. Sadly I cannot tell you exactly when, due to Active Rain’s last update. The powers to be deleted my history of my original comment and many of my early comments. Since then I am on my third laptop and a total wipe out of the history on my previous Laptops…. So now it is just a guess. The good news is:  now I have Carbonite J

 I clearly remember reading blogs for many months and then finally making my first comment and needless to say, I was hooked. I kept commenting, expressing my opinions, providing my input and my views. Some people liked my comments others did not.

 It was a small community back then, most of us did not know what we were doing and there were some established bloggers who helped guide newbie’s along like me.  Needless to say, I finally wrote my first blog on August 28th, 2008. Nothing special but it was a big moment, I took a leap of faith and the rest is history.

early days of Active Rain & Endre Barath's Blog posts

 Most of us back then did not know what we were doing.  I do not remember having neither Community Guidelines nor a Weltanschauung. We had a couple of community managers during my “growing up phase as a blogger on AR” we reached out to them for help as well as suggestions.

 I clearly remember that we wished that there were ideas or information we could follow i.e.: Guidelines. No one knew of any and if they did no one suggested reading it. As time progressed there was Active Brad who would answer his cell phone if you had a question. No Job Order Request…nothing like that. He wrote How to Blog Posts that we all cherished and looked forward to reading. How to do this how to do that…anyway you get the idea.

So did I read the Guidelines and the Weltanschauung?  YES today on January 26th, 2014! So now I wonder and these questions come to my mind: When were these guidelines created? When where they modified? Please do not misunderstand:  I love the fact that there are guidelines as well as views of the world. What I am wondering now is how many people have actually read them?

I enjoyed reading all the points needless to say this made me wonder how closely they are being followed. Again I am just thinking out loud: If there is “no hierarchy as point #9 states, then who makes the decisions?  Who do we direct complaints and where is there recourse if a decision has been made and we do not agree with??

Clearly #10 is my favorite: On a serious note, I love being on Active Rain and all the things I learned from the membership as well as the friends I made and let us not forget the business it has generated thanks to my blog posts. I am sad that we lost some great members and I am happy to have gained new friends and new members!



In conclusion not only have I evolved, but so did Active Rain and now we have guidelines, training programs we clearly have all come a long way! Thank you Lynn B Friedman for making me read the Guidelines and the WeltanschauungJ

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