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We have submitted an Offer on this home, why do we not get a response?

Posted on Feb 3, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

We have submitted an Offer on this home, why do we not get a response?

I have been asked this question by many buyers: We have submitted an Offer on this home, why do we not get a response?

I find this question a difficult one to answer, in light of the fact, that we have included a copy of the earnest money check, the proof of funds and it was a reasonable offer taking into consideration the condition of the home. Also it is disappointing, since we took into consideration the active, pending as well as the recently sold homes in the neighborhood. The Offer was not a ‘low ball offer’

I called the Agent; got voice mail, and then I sent the Agent an e-mail and did not get a response. Waited a few hours and repeated the above two again without results. The following day tried again without results.

The explanation could be varied: 

•1.        The Seller has another offer which is better in price and or terms.

•2.       The Seller might have an “all cash offer” with little or no contingencies.

•3.       The Seller changed his mind and does not want to sell.

•4.       The Listing Agent had a personal emergency and was unable to get to responding to our offer.

•5.       The Listing Agent is not doing this full time and the other occupation takes priority.

A few days later I get a voice mail in my office, the seller has accepted another offer. Now I have the challenging task explaining to the buyer the message. This raises a whole serious of other questions which I will address at another time.

I am just grateful this does not happen often.

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