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We have a new Pope: let’s celebrate with a mysterious Wine order !

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

We have a new Pope Let’s Celebrate: Mysterious Wine Order in Culver City, CA

We have a new Pope Let’s Celebrate: Mysterious Wine Order in Culver City, CA thanks to Page One on Google!


I have to admit I was very excited as I was watching the news… I heard the most interesting bit of News Trivia.  There is a Wine Store in Culver City, CA that received a very unusual order…. As you know I am a Wino so I my ears were peaked! J




Well let me share with you:   The “Redd Collection” (


310-202-REDD (7333)


8440 Warner Dr, Unit C


Culver City, CA 90232


pope benedict XVI via Endre Barath,Jr.




The Redd Collection received a call from a gentlemen, It just happened that the Owner Mike Carpenter answered teh phone. He was asked if his store had any 2008 Papale Primitovo di Munduria and when he answered in the affirmative, then he was asked dif he had at least 115 bottles? When he answered in the affirmative he was asked if he shipped overseas. He answered yes, next thing you know he has an order that is being shipped to the Vatican. Now let us look at this order closer.


115 bottle of wine times $20 per bottle for shipping via Fed/Ex, this translates to a very nice order from a local wine store! What is very unusual is that the Wine is from Italy and it is bought and shipped back to Italy. OK this is quite unusual to me anyway!


papale Primitivo di Manduria 


Now to make it more interesting Papale Primitivo at the Redd Collection is selling for approximately $20 per bottle. I wonder what it would be selling in Italy. Well I did a bit of internet search thanks to Google and discovered had the Gentlemen ordered this wine in Germany he would have paid about $10.87 per bottle and I would bet the price to ship it would have been less as wellJ


  We have many questions and one of them is : So why this bottle? Well it turns out this has been the favorite wine of Pope Benedito XIII in the 18th Century and since that time it was called “Papale” so this makes me wonder who is it for?




 Pope FrancisI, via Endre Barath,Jr.




Is it for the outgoing Pope Pope Bendict XVI or the incoming Pope Francis I?  The take away for me was that THE INTERNET IS WORKING. Here we have a large order of Italian Wine being ordered from Italy and shipped to Italy. Why? Thanks to Google the Wine Store was on page one of Google, i.e.:  on top of the list. So if you think you do not need the Internet and you do not need to be on page one then think again!




Here is testimonial that it is key to have your business on page one of the Internet. It does not matter if you sell Wine or Real Estate, the key is to be on page one!




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