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Veterans Housing & Homeless Prevention Act of 2014 in California…

Posted on May 15, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Veterans Housing & Homeless Prevention Act of 2014 in California is on the Ballot!

I love it, when we are being responsible citizens. On the Ballot this year, there is Proposition 41 and its sole purpose is in helping thousands of homeless veterans get a home or better said a roof over their heads. California is sadly the home to more than 25% of all homeless veterans in the United States.

By voting YES on Proposition 41 we can make sure that homeless veterans have the opportunity to qualify and affordable housing. As more and more veterans are returning home to California I am so concerned. There are no jobs waiting for them, nor homes.

veterans of California, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

We cannot allow in good conscience that these men and women be left on their own. We are the only country that does not take care of their returning soldiers. Would you believe it in Germany even after World War II has ended in 1945 their surviving soldiers are still taken care of.

It is our duty to provide quality affordable housing for the California Veterans. For all the sacrifices these veterans have done for us, it is our duty as voters and taxpayers to help them in time of need. Take my word, most veterans do not want to be homeless, they rather find a job…

I was shocked to read that people are arguing against Proposition 41 and their weak rebuttal is that “…it is the responsibility of the Federal Government…” These soldiers were not conscripts; they volunteered to put their lives in harm’s way to protect our freedom. It is our obligation and our duty as voters and citizens to provide a roof over every veteran’s head. As a Realtor and a Veteran I ask you to vote YES on Proposition 41.


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