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Venice Neighborhood Council supports street reconfiguration!

Posted on Oct 4, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Venice Neighborhood Council supports street reconfiguration!

Breaking News the Venice Neighborhood Council voted to support the DOT’s (Department of Transportation) proposal to reconfigure Main Street between Santa Monica and Venice.

The plan that they had in mind is to transform the street by removing one travel lane in both the north and south directions. Essentially this would create a central two-way road and add a bike lane in both directions. This would not affect street parking. It would provide a safer way for motorists and bicyclists.

broken bycicle

I am constantly annoyed and concerned every time I drive, because of the less experienced Bicyclists who are clearly creating a hazardous condition for themselves as well as the motorists. Hence I applaud the council’s support in this street reconfiguration. This way bicycle riders could have an uninterrupted travel lane between Santa Monica and Venice.

Bicycle rider in venice ca by endre barath

As a motorist I am extremely happy. I just hope that the two Cities will not let this fade into the sunset and implement it as soon as possible.


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