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Update on our Third Cat: Jill

Posted on Oct 30, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Update on our Third Cat:  Jill

Dougy,Jill & jack

As some of you know our household consists of Dougy, Jack & Jill, our three Cats.  Dougy came from the Lange Foundation and Jack knocked on our Patio Door and insisted that we let him in. Jill was the latest addition from the Lange Foundation as well. Needless to say we went thru some Cat relationship dynamics.  Those of you, who have cats, know what I am referring to. Specifically, that the dynamics change when a cat is added to the house hold or if one goes to Rainbow Bridge.

jack & Jill and Dougy

Not trying to bore you with the details.  When Jill was incorporated into our household, Jack got along with her instantaneously. Dougy on the other hand kept hissing, growling and was basically not in favor of the new addition to the house hold.

The Tree Muskateers resting

As a Realtor who works out of the home, mostly on the Internet and on the phone outside of showing properties and checking out listings, I had the distinct privilege of watching how these three were trying to work out their issues. Little help from me, Diane and “Mr. Water Squirt bottle” the task was moving right along.

Now best friends

As you can see from the pictures looks like the adjustment has been made. Anyway what is the saying a Picture is worth a thousand…..

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