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Trying to go Green is easier said than done, there are many obstacles!

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Trying to go Green is easier said than done there are many obstacles we need to overcome!

I have been noticing a lot of businesses, from The Telephone Company to Real Estate Offices trying to achieve a noble goal of going green, in other words going paperless. Well it is easier said than done. I have not participated in previous Active Rain Challenges about this subject. So now I am making an attempt. The DocuSign Challenge is not easy! It is a work in progress with numerous obstacles that are blocking the Noble Goal!

Endre Barath, Short Sale realtor in Los Angeles

There are many challenges for a Realtor trying to accomplish this objective:


1.       There are still buyers & sellers who are not internet savvy.


2.        There are still buyers and sellers who do not have internet and want to fax every document.


3.       There are still Brokerages who require a File that has to be printed in order for you to get the commission check.

Hence against these major obstacles how can one go paperless?  In my observation we need to focus on the buyers and sellers who are open to a Paperless Transaction and accomplish the majority of the transaction via the internet. Once the entire transaction is done we only need to print one File Out for the Broker!

What equipment do we need? Well most of us have a computer or a laptop, so this is not a capital investment. The only missing ingredient might be a Scanner. Once you have that you are on your way. In my case I need to make this investment.  Then the second investment is to have good backup systems on the computer as well as we need to have a remote “cloud” back up station. The good news is, there are some good free and also some low expense “cloud” back up programs out there. Finally you have to become creative and it can be done.

Going Paperless as a Realtor, Endre Barath

Well I just have to share with you:  I have been paperless all week. Being on vacation with my laptop conducting business without a printer and a fax machine, I had to get creative. I asked my seller to please go to the Escrow Officer and leave the paperwork with her. She in turn scanned and emailed all the documents and disclosures to me.

Now I just have to remain creative and consistent with the noble goal of being a Paperless Realtor. Like I said, easier said than done!

green realtor in Los Angeles

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