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Truth in the Media: Miami Heat pops 100 bottles of Dom Perignon worth

Posted on Jun 22, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Truth in the Media: Miami Heat pops 100 bottles of Dom Perignon worth $100,000. NOT!!!


As most of you know I have been an advocate of Truth in the Media. So you can imagine my outrage when I heard that the Miami Heat popped 100 bottles of Dom Perignon worth $100,000. Ok first my reaction was why waste a nice luxury Champaign for showering each other (see link )


Ok now let us look at the Truth. Enclosed here is a picture of a vintage 1993 Dom Perignon at today’s market price it is worth around $360 per bottle.  As most of you will guess they probably had at best 2003 Vintage. So my best guess is around $160 per bottle. OK now let us do the numbers 100 time $160= $16,000.00 so the TRUTH is not $100,000.00 but a mere $16,000.00 shower in the locker room.

ocean view luxury homes in Malibu, CA Endre Barath

So this reminds me of what the media does with Real Estate…sensationalize something that is not true.


On a side note all I can say is Thank God They did not waste Krug in the Locker Room. I will match anyone on a blind taste testing of Vintage Dom Perignon against Krug Non VintageJ and you know and I know which one you will like betterJ now this is from a Luxury Malibu Realtor who has tasted bothJ


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