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Today is 11/12/13 aka November 12, 2013. Date Calendar Squences are interesting

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Today is 11/12/13 aka November 12.2013.  Date Calendar Sequences are interesting to many and unnoticed by others.


Here in the United States today’s date:  November 12, 2013 is considered a sequential number 11/12/13 therefore most of us will get excited when we see this. Gamblers will bet on these numbers in Las Vegas and other Gambling Facilities all over the country and the average person will buy lottery tickets with the hope that the calendar sequence will give them “luck”J.


I find this as a  very interesting phenomenon. Interestingly the same calendar date in Europe is not in sequence. By now I am sure some of you know what I mean; then again others of you are puzzled.


So with that note let me clarify it: In Europe the Day/Month/ Year are in the sequential order, hence it is 12/11/13 in Europe. Well to the Lottery Players I suggest box the numbers so you can win in any orderJ

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Now this also reminded me of an earlier time in our history prior to the Volunteer Army when we had ‘the draft’ and there was a Lottery on how to pick fairly the conscripts to serve in the Vietnam War. Some of the High School Graduates from 1969 -1975 did not consider themselves “lucky” when their Birth Dates were drawn to join the Vietnam War. Then again others felt lucky when their numbers were not called. Again sometimes it is just perspective that will determine if you are “lucky” or that you “won”.


Now with that said do not pick your Realtor just by Luck, rather do it in sequence, review  their marketing abilities, knowledge base and negotiation skills to name a few of the key points. If you would like more help reach out to me!


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