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This transaction made me stronger, the good news: it did not kill me!

Posted on Oct 1, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

This transaction made me stronger & the good news was that it did not kill me!

This transaction made me so much stronger it is difficult for me to even put this in writing. I cannot even tell you how strong I got.

 I was representing the seller on a home and shortly after I listed it, we received an offer from the buyer the sellers accepted the offer. My Sellers in turn bought a move up home and I was representing them as the buyers. The seller on this other transaction was relocating out of State and as soon as we were in escrow on her home she bought a home out of state.

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Needless to say the buyer on our transaction could not perform, since she kept it a secret that she lost her job and the Lenders discovered it prior to funding.

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During a marathon meeting in our office the agent who was representing the first buyer never showed up with her buyer. Now my Manger was chairing the meeting and my seller/buyers the other seller and her agent and I were all present.

Instead of facilitating with a mutually agreeable solution to the two parties remaining at the table, the other agent (broker of his own real estate office) was trying to convince my sellers/buyers to cancel the listing with me and list with him. The meeting was quite heated and my manager decided he could not take the frustrating way the meeting was going and just walked out and went to lunch with the assistant manager.

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Now the only ones remained:   the Broker/seller’s agent and I, also both principals my buyers and his seller. I managed to calm the remaining people at the conference table down and managed to coble out a solution which was acceptable to both parties. We received an extension of the Escrow period IN ORDER THAT my buyers could took out a bridge loan and that way they could buy the move up home.

Needless to say I had to quickly resell their home so that they would not have such a large financial burden. I managed to do that, in the mean time I was grinding my teeth at nightJ luckily this did not take too long, but it almost killed me in the process.

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I am sharing this crazy chain of events, because I am confident both buyers and sellers and their agents can learn from the drama I went thru. The main thing is to keep a cool head and come up with a mutually agreeable solution, where everyone wins.


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