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The123rd Tournament of Roses in Pasadena is right around the corner!

Posted on Dec 30, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The123rd Tournament of Roses in Pasadena is right around the corner!

123rd Rose Parade in Pasadena

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses is right around the corner. Each year Americans are glued to their Television sets. Over the years now even the world has focused their attention on Pasadena, CA. This spectacular floral Float Parade is worth watching by all.

first stands to be erected

I have had the privilege of seeing it up close, it is truly spectacular. Just on the Parade Route alone approximately one million spectators will be lined up to see it. Now there are over 200 countries that will have news media representation. There is something different this year. For the first time in the Rose Parade’s 123years of history, “occupy” protesters will try to “get their message” out to the world and the country. It has been estimated that there will be about 40,000 protesters out there. I just hope that they will respect the “spirit of the event”

Colorado Blvd the Rose Parade route

I took these pictures about two weeks ago. They were the first Stands that they started setting up on Colorado Blvd. The debris from the Windstorm had been not even all cleaned up yet and they were already starting to set up. People were still without power, but the production had to be started. So enjoy these photos of Colorado Blvd (the before pictures as you might call them).

Also check out this link if you are interested what Bands will be participating ( if you are interested who the “royal court” consist of check out this link as well (,0,1506529.story)

If you are going to watch the parade from the comfort of your couch and your laptop and want to participate in the “live chat” as to which floats you like or love go to this link (

Now with that said have a Happy New Year and enjoy the 123rd Tournament of Roses in Pasadena CA

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