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The Weltanschaung of my Real Estate Business is clear: it is my….

Posted on Mar 30, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 The Weltanschaung of my Real Estate Business is clear:  it is my business philosophy.  Having lived in Germany and Austria for approximately 8 years and graduating with a BA in German, I have a clear understanding of the literal translation – Weltanschaung is: View of the World.

View of the World: business style, Endre Barath Beverly Hills Realtor

My business philosophy has always been simply stated:  I treat my clients as I want to be treated, PERIOD!  When you come to me, you get a Trusted Advisor.

This is a very high standard to achieve, because I do not tolerate incompetence or lack of business knowledge; and I expect a fast (when possible), courteous and professional response when I have a question or concern. This is my expectation be it from restaurants, hotels, internet providers, telephone providers, escrow officers, title officers, attorneys or any other service provider. My expectations are high, hence I provide the best possible service to the best of my abilities that I expect as a client.

If you break down my Real Estate Practice then you will know that it consists of:  superb client service, availability via email, phone or face-to-face, time management, punctuality, respect of other people’s time, knowledge of inventory, prices, and the nuances of the various micro real estate markets within the Greater Los Angeles area from Malibu to the Mountains. I also strive to understand the cultural differences of my clients since my clientele ranges from Europe, Asia, the Middle East to North America. Additionally, my goal is to provide the skill set for a smooth and successful negotiation taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned criteria.

I strive for Perfection. Never the  less I clearly understand that perfection is an impossible state to achieve.

Coach John Wooden said it best: “…Striving for perfection is not an impossibility. Do the best you can under the conditions that exist….”

I am always optimistic that the results will be favorable for my clients and I do not mean that in a naïve way. I believe in positive energy, which in turn will accomplish the desired results. Realistically, things do not always seem to head towards the right direction and there may be bumps on the road to the objective.  I do not overreact, rather I revisit the course of actions we need to take to achieve the objective. This part I attribute to my military background of being an Airborne Ranger Infantry person. I like to plan ahead but know how to modify the directions and the plans on an as needed basis.

I also believe that no property is too small or too big for me to handle. As far as I am concerned, all transactions are important!

If you would like to be represented in the purchase or sale of your property by me, because you have and expect the same standards, feel free to reach out to me directly.


If you are considering buying or selling a home, a luxury home, luxury investment real estate, luxury vacation homes, or luxury beach properties in Southern California, Los Angeles, Century City, Westwood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Venice or Malibu, feel free to contact me at 310.486.1002 or or visit one of my websites t I am a pet friendly realtor and I contribute a portion of my commissions to local animal rescue organizations   



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