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The VU in the Jamaica Bay Inn, is the Restaurant in Marina Del Rey, CA

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 The VU in the Jamaica Bay Inn, is the Restaurant in Marina Del Rey, CA  where we decided to celebrate Diane’s 19th Anniversary.

In Marina Del Rey, the investors of a recently rebuilt small seaside hotel called the Jamaica Bay Inn had opened a new restaurant called the VU. I was watching the first year with mild curiosity, and then I heard that the Chef who opened the Restaurant called the VU had been replaced by Chef Allyson Thurber. Now my interests were immediately peaked.


Chef Allyson Thurber was a name I was familiar with, she was the Chef at “Water Grill” downtown Los Angeles (one of my favorite restaurants downtown).  I have been following her with great interest where she was moving. Then I heard she went on and re-mastered “the Lobster” at the Santa Monica Pier. Again my curiosity was fully peaked.  She has a resume dating back to working with one of my all-time favorite Chef’s Thomas Keller the creator of French Laundry and Bouchon.  Hence I could not wait to get an excuse to go to dinner.

kale sala

So nothing better than Diane’s nineteenth anniversary of putting up with me was the best opportunity to experience her cooking a meal.

tuna tartar Endre Barath Marina Del Rey Realtor

The staff and their service treated us fantastically. We went on a Friday night which was clearly very busy, never the less we were treated like royalty. I had a special request to surprise Diane when she got there from work with a chilled bottle of Krug non vintage to put her in a nice mood after all it was her anniversaryJ. I bought the bubbly since I did not think it would be on the menu and I was right.


The food preparation and the platting were great. We both had some fantastic food; we took a few pictures not all of it, since we were so focused on enjoying the food ourselves. Needless to say we have to go back again. On a side note I was a bit disappointed with their selection of wines, but those of you who know me, know that I like a bigger selection to choose fromJ. We went for the exceptional cooking and were not disappointed.

carrot cake with bourbon sauce endre barath

 It was also a special treat to know that on the patio you can bring your pet. So next time we will go for lunch with Diane’s DogJ.


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