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The vision of Abbot Kinney “The American Venice Canals” in Venice, CA

Posted on Sep 7, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The vision of Abbot Kinney “The American Venice Canals” in Venice, CA.

The vision of Abbot Kinney “The American Venice Canals” materialized in the late 1890’s to early 1900’s in spite the opposition and the lack of belief by many in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Abbot Kinney hired a landscape architect from Boston, MA. Shortly thereafter the Grand Canal stared to get dug up. His goal was to make a small town in the “Venetian Renaissance” style.

As with any dream delays are unpredictable if they are caused by nature. Two very disastrous winter storms delayed the project. Nevertheless by the Fourth of July weekend of 1905 the project was done to the point, where people could have yacht racing and swimming in the lagoons.

In Venice’s Glory days there were 16 miles of Canals complete with singing gondoliers and an amusement park called “Ocean Park”.

Let’s fast forward a hundred years and we now have only about four blocks of canals left nestled in between Ocean- , Venice-, and Washington Boulevards. There are many entertainment industry people quietly living near the beach in middle hidden in plain sight.

If you seen “Because I said so” with Diane Keaton & Mandy Moore you can see one of the real Venice Canal’s small homes. If you never have seen the movie or never have been to the Canals, then enjoy these few photos. The best time to come and see the canals in their full Glory is in the winter, when they have boat parades, decorate their homes for Halloween and then as well as for Christmas. It is truly a memorable site.



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