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The Rumor Mill: an Independent Cafe and a Laundromat!

Posted on Jun 23, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


The Rumor Mill: an Independent Café and a Laundromat!


 I just want every one of my readers to know, I have been going to the Rumor Mill for their great Latte’s for many years. I met the owner she is so charming and it is a pleasure to go in to get my coffee. After all it is on my way to the office. I also noticed that there are PC’s available for customers to use at no charge. I always thought this was a very gracious offer to the clientele. Needless to say there is also WIFI for those who have their own laptops and notepads.


What I loved is they always supported the arts. They would display paintings of local artists that were available for the public to buy. They also would provide photographers the same courtesy. So if you went in weekly, monthly you would be pleasantly surprised at the various artworks that would be on the walls. I always look forward to seeing the new artwork.

The Rumor Mill: an Independent Cafe, Endre Barath


Then one day I mentioned to Diane what a great place this is and it has a very cool concept. Laundry attached to the Café. Needless to say this was a mistake on my part. As soon as I mentioned it to Diane our Bedspread stopped going to the dry cleaners and the blankets as well. After all I am a regular there might as well do the bedding. As I thought this would not be so bad. Little did I know that our cats would decide I should go more often? (If you have cats, you know what I meant 🙂

The Rumor Mill: an Independent Cafe, Endre Barath


So now with this new information, I ended up meeting the owner’s son, because he works in the afternoon. I also ended up having wonderful lunches. They are so great with gourmet healthy foods, if you have not been their place should be on your “must go destination places” great independent Café with a nice lunch menu on top. Also if you want you can even do your laundry at the same time.


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