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The Reverse Offer is that a buyer motivator or is it just a bad strategy?

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Reverse Offer is that a buyer motivator or is it just a bad strategy?Is this for desperate home sellers a poor strategy?

Have you heard of the Reverse Offer? This is where a seller writes an offer to the buyer. This Strategy has been considered controversial at best. I have heard agent using it n a case by case basis, where the interested buyer is dragging their feet on writing an offer and this would prompt them to negotiate.

I find this negotiating against the seller’s best interest from a financial perspective. What are your thoughts?

It would only make sense to me if the property was over priced in the first place and you took the listing, hence I have a problem with this type of strategy, twice. Once taking the overpriced listing and second to be negotiating against the seller’s best interest.

Call me old fashioned, I believe in price the property correctly and in a down market price it a bit under the waterline and generate maximum interest and exposure. What are your thoughts?

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