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The Residences at the W in Hollywood,CA 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

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The Residences at the W in Hollywood, CA 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA

hollywood condominiums Endre Barath


Let me start with a little bit of background history. When I relocated from Boston, MA a mere hundred years ago, Hollywood was a “dirty name” just like all new transplants we went down to Hollywood and the Walk of Fame…Scary was the best description, drugs, pickpockets, hookers and your typical inner city life you want to avoid. Robin Williams summed it up the best way, when  he said that way back when he came to Hollywood he lived in Hollywood, because that is all  he could afford  to live in Los Angeles. Now he can live in Hollywood again because he can afford it:


   Well that is the ‘New in Hollywood’.


Gritty, eclectic and energetic, that is the new Hollywood. Gourmet Restaurants, Celebrity Chefs have opened restaurant in Hollywood, because they understood the energy and the magnetism. It is cool to be in Hollywood again, there is an energy unsurpassed anywhere else.

wresidences Hollywood,CA endre barath


When I came to Los Angeles Hollywood & Vine was a destination place for street walkers and want to be actresses who lost their way. There was the Pantages Theater, where you did not want to Valet Park if you wanted your car back after the show. Diane & I have seen the shows:  Les Misérables, The Lion King and of course Wicked and too many others to name in this post.

iconic Hollywood sign & the Capitol Records building Endre Barath


Now one of the coolest hippest hotels is across the street: The W of course and they have residences for sale. You can buy condominiums that cater to all your needs. (6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood,CA)

W Hollywood Residences, Endre Barath

The owners of the Residences at W Hollywood enjoy their own private tower with a secluded entrance next to the hotel. They are greeted by their own valet, doorman, and concierge as they enter the Living Room.

W Residences in Hollywood CA endre barath

Prices range for a 1 bedroom 1.5 Bath from $549,000 to a high of 2 bedrooms 2. Baths up to $940,000 and Association Dues up to $1728 per month, needless to say that included Valet Parking, Full Service 24hrs Concierge, 24 hrs Security and I could go on and on.


This is actually a great Value hard to get all this for under a Million Dollars in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


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