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The proper way to boil and eat Lobster! Via Endre Barath,Jr. Marina Del Rey Realtor

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The proper way to boil and eat Lobster!

The Finished Product: Boiled Lobster

As some of you who read my blogs know I spent a lot of wonderful years in Boston, MA. I lived in the South End right across from Copley Square the Back Bay. For some of you who are not familiar with Boston, it is comparable to living on the West Side of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills Adjacent.

The Best Lobster Place in Boston James Hook

They were wonderful times for me. I could buy live lobster for about $4.50 a pound and if they were on the high end than $5.99 a pound. Those were the good old days….

The Right Pot for cooking lobster

Then we relocated to Los Angeles the price of Lobster went to $9.99 on a good day to more like $19.99 a pound. So it became a Tradition when Diane would go visit the East Coast she would bring back Lobsters. If my parents would visit they would order Lobsters. Therefore I was assured that 3-4 times a year I would have Lobsters sent to me one way or another.

Jack & Douggy inspect and approve of the live Lobster

Now with that said, there are many ways to cook lobster as well as to eat it. I love to play in the kitchen, Diane on the other hand is more straightforward and like lobster the simple way.  In other words Boil it and eat it.


So with that said. Here are the easy directions:


1.       Boil the water (fill large pot ¾ full of water and about 2-3 table of salt for every quart of water


2.       Place lobster head first into rapidly boiling water and cover the pot


3.       Depending on the size of the lobster ( I prefer 2.5-3.0 lbs) 15-20 minutes should do the job


fresh corn on the cob  

Easy way to tell the Lobster will turn bright red when done and the large Mustache can be removed easily from the head the lobster is done.


4.       Remove lobster with tongs and place on large serving tray to cool and drain the liquid.


5.        I like to reserve a large portion of the cooking liquid for lobster bisque.(you better have lots of glass jars to reserve liquid)


6.       I also like to save the used shells for the lobster bisque (you better have plenty of freezer bags to do this)

flavoring & clarifying butter

I will also take lots of butter and clarify it (simmer and skim the froth of the butter as you keep doing this you are making a cholesterol free butter at the same times) I also like to add Thyme, Parsley  and Basil to the butter to add an extra level of flavor for the dipping.


7.       While the lobster is boiling I will also boil some Potatoes & Corn on the cob in a separate container.


finished product Boiled Lobster 

Once to lobster is done have some extra containers at the table to place the empty shells and the finished corn cobs.  This should provide you with a Four Star Dinner. Do not forget to have fresh lemons. As Julia Child would have said


“Bon Appetite”!


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