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The Median Sold Price of Condominiums in Beverly Hills,CA for 2013

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Median Sold Price of Condominiums in Beverly Hills, CA for the year 2013

Most sellers and buyers of Beverly Hills, CA Condominiums are very interested in seeing what the Median Sold Prices were month by month for 2013. I have also found that since there is so much misinformation that we get bombarded with, the rest of the country as well as the world enjoys seeing the actual numbers. I have also provided this information for Single Family Residence in Beverly Hills in a previous post. For your convenience I am enclosing a link to it here ( )


It is very interesting to see that in December 2012 the Median Sold Price for Condominiums in Beverly Hills, CA was $840,000. Now fast forward to December 2013 and the Median Sold Price was $912,500. This is an increase of $72,500 in other words an increase by +9%. As you can see from the chart, month by month have been a stable increase and not a fluke. Clearly just as in the Single Family Residences it is a solid increase.

 median condo sold price in Beverly Hills,CA Endre Barath

In my experience there have always been a high demand for Beverly Hills Properties from all over the world, clearly from not just a location due to schools, climate, recognition and star factor, but from a status point too. When you say you live in Beverly Hills, CA most people perceive you as being successful. Needless to say the downturn of the economy has allowed people to be in a position to step into Beverly Hills, CA again those who felt they were priced out. Hence if you are considering buying do not wait too long since this window of opportunity is closing soon!




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