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The Marina Del Rey, CA Blue Herons are having a late breakfast-early..

Posted on May 18, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Marina Del Rey, CA Blue Herons are having a late breakfast early lunch!!

Diane & I went for a morning stroll by the Channel and much to our amazement, we saw hundreds of Blue Herons swimming, flying and having breakfast in the Channel. There were two unusual occurrences: one I seldom take a morning stroll with or without Diane, second that there were so many Blue Herons gathered in and around the Channel. This I know for a fact, because Diane does take strolls and she was equally amazed as I was at this occurrence. Interestingly I wore my “Save the Herons” T-shirt for our walkJ!


Clearly this just reassured me that those of us who are trying to raise awareness to protecting the Blue Herons here in Marina Del Rey, CA are on the right track.  As we are trying to encourage the Developers to reconsider the direction they are planning on taking which will lead to the annihilation of the Blue Herons, the animals were crying out to us telling us we are on the right track. The Developers need to reconsider their efforts to wipe out wildlife and nature in Marina Del Rey, particularly Mariner’s Village!


Why it is so hard for this particular Developer at Mariner’s Village and these local Politicians to understand, that nature and the urban landscape can coexist? I am all for progress, profit and development as long as we consider saving nature for future generations. As a Greater Los Angeles Realtor I have represented many Developers who were protecting Nature & Wildlife and still created some awesome developments. Why can’t these Developers get this simple concept?



 Today I would like to remind the politicians and the Developers who are not familiar with Greek Mythology:  That a Heron was the messenger of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom letting Odysseus know that she will protect him on his journey! My point being, the Herons have been around for thousands of years. Let them live and be around for a few more thousands of years!


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