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The Last Red Sox Home Game of the season!

Posted on Oct 3, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


The last Red Sox home game of the season.

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As most of my readers know I am a diehard Red Sox fan. I have returned to the Ring ceremony in 2004 to Boston, MA. I still proudly wear my Division Champs Baseball Cap. Ironically this year, the Red Sox are at a 50+ year low. As of this blog post they have lost 91 games. Never the less I have gone to the last home game!

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Fighting the weather, (according to local weather men anticipated rain all afternoon and evening) we went to the game. Much to my surprise, there was a huge awards ceremony before the game. The Fans voted to a Three Team all Red Sox team in the Past 100 years. I was thrilled to see some of Red Sox great showing up. Agree or disagree, overall it was a good selection!

Fenway Park, Boston Mass Endre Barath


Then Tangle wood Choir Sang the National Anthem and then the game began…..

relocation specialist Endre Barath,Jr. Realtor in Los Angeles


The Game was lackluster at best, nothing else to expect from a mediocre manager and a disinterested team. My goal was to enjoy my time at Fenway Park. I kept teasing my friends, that my true goal was to yell at the manager for his lackluster performance throughput the season and being an overpaid spectator instead of a being a manager and get ejected from the game.

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I managed to keep my composure and did not yell at the one of the worst managers of Red Sox nation in the past fifty years.  After the game we were walking back to the Hotel and I decided to walk by the area where all the Owners and Players leave from. Much to my excitement I saw John Henry the primary owner of the team drive away in his Mercedes. He had his windows rolled down and I had the pleasure of yelling to him to fire the Manger. So it was a success, watched a losing game and had the opportunity to tell the owner what he should do. So Stay tuned and see if he listened to my adviceJ


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