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The Lange Foundations’s Horses at St. Bonnies or should I say Lisa’s horses!

Posted on Dec 16, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 The Lange Foundation’s Horses at St. Bonnies or should I say Lisa’s horsesJ

The Lange Foundation’s Horses at St Bonnies or should I say Lisa’s horsesJ, most of you who know me do not think of me as a cowboy or being connected with horses. Well I had a fantastic experience in the not too distant past, where I was able to feed one of St Bonnies Horses. What a thrill it was. I am ready to do more!

endre barath, st bonnies, lisa lambert

This is not my first blog post about St Bonnies   the latest in case you missed it is here please check it out ( )  and another one from a couple years ago (  ) the message is the same here, there  are some unwanted animals looking for a good home!

endre barath, st bonnies, lisa lambert

Today I am writing to give extra  strength to Lisa who has cancer and is at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills.(not that she needs it, she has all the strength anyone can imagine) Please pray for her, send her positive energy, whatever you believe in to help her fight this fearless foe cancer.

Lisa has one of the best dispositions and has a strong willpower and if anyone can fight and overcome this adversary I can assure you is Lisa. She promised me today that she will show me how to brush the horses. (Now keep in mind I always thought a Horse was a FerrariJ) so I look forward to the new experience.

Lisa go back to St Bonnies soon, so I can learn how to brush your horses!!! Fight on!!!

st bonnies, lisa lambert, lange foundation, endre barath


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