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The Jury Duty Dilemma: Civic Responsibility and Work Responsibility!

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Jury Duty Dilemma: Civic Responsibility and Work Responsibility, which one do you choose?

If you work at a “Regular Job” 32-40 hours as a full time employee, depending on what your employer considers most beneficial from their perspective i.e.:  what the healthcare, retirement and other benefits dictate as to what  a full time employee is. Needless to say, generally if you get called on Jury Duty, you are exited for getting a break from your “Regular Job”.

Now if you are a Realtor needless to say it does not matter if you are a Realtor in the Greater Los Angeles, CA or in Boston, Ma or anywhere in the Country, you are faced with a huge moral dilemma.

What to do, squeeze out of the civic responsibility for the sake of taking care of your work responsibility. Well thanks to Diane, who was my moral compass and conscience I took the high road. I filled out the Forms and sure enough, checked in daily Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and go figure Friday I had to report for Jury Duty!

Los Angeles Airport Courthouse, Endre Barath

I have been to the Downtown Los Angeles Court System in the past, but this time luck would have it I had to report near the Airport. That is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) I have driven by this building often as I was on the Freeway and had no idea that it was the Court House. How excitingJ I get to be in the building I drove by so often and wondered what was housed there.

Los Angeles Airport Court House, Endre Barath

I spent all day inside the Waiting Room, close to 100 of my fellow Juror Candidates went to the Jury Room, and then I saw many being released as I was still waiting for my turn. Well as luck would have it I was the second to last person who was finally released. Well if all goes well I am off the hook for another year or soJ. Keep in mind I had a client who was flying in that same evening from FinlandJ so my worries were unfounded.

Los Angeles Court House, Endre Barath

Needless to say I had to share a few pictures, since I have never seen anything like this in the Downtown or any other Court house I have entered for Jury Duty. Hope you will agree with me it is really coolJ!



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