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The Holiday Boat Parade in Marina Del Rey,CA 2012 celebrates it’s 50th

Posted on Dec 9, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Holiday Boat Parade in Marina Del Rey, CA 2012 in Marina Del Rey, CA 2012 celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary!

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 The last time I wrote a Blog Post about the Holiday Boat Parade was in October 2010 (, ironically I was looking forward to seeing it that year. Then a personal tragedy happened and I missed the parade.

ocean view luxury homes in Marina Del Rey, CA Endre Barath,Jr

Then I had some business conflict in 2011 and I missed it again. This year I did not even focus on it, since Diane was having family issues.

ocean view homes in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath

So as I was pulling into our complex I was surprised to see all the additional Security? I had to ask as I was wondering what was going on? I was informed that today is the Boat Parade. Then it hit me that this was the 50th Anniversary of the Marina Del Rey Boat Parade!

Armed with my trusty Blackberry and a large glass of red wine, I headed to the channel. Same place where I was last nightJ.

The boats started coming around 5:30pm and at 6:00 there were fireworks as well and after about 6:30pm as some of the boats came around the second time I felt it was time to walk home, feed our Kitties and myself and watch a repeat of the LA Clippers & Phoenix Sun game and blog about the great Boat Parade I just saw!

So I only picked a few of the pictures to share. One of my favorite was Santa’s Sleigh (a larger boat) and his Reindeer (small canoes connected with a line just as Santa’s Reindeer. I am not sure it the pictures will justice to it but here you go:

      ocean view condominiums in Marina Del Rey Endre Barathocean view homes in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath                                                                                        

 I checked and in 2010 the theme of the Boat Parade was a Rock & Roll Christmas check it out ( )  Should be in the history of the Boat Parade Section. This year’s Theme was: Fifty Years  a Solid Gold Christmas ( ) 

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