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The Ficus, Eucalyptus & Bottlebrush Tees disappeared in Marina Del Rey

Posted on Dec 2, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 The Ficus, Eucalyptus and Bottlebrush Trees disappeared in Marina Del Rey, CA .

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I was driving to one of my Condo listings for a  showing and I took a double take. What happened to those beautify trees on Admiralty Way in Marina Del Rey, CA? Then it hit me, a while back, I remembered hearing something, that the County will be removing the Trees and replace them with “Native trees”.

ocean view condominiums in Marina Del Rey Endre Barath

Evidently there are about 75-80 Trees on this “hit list” and the other day it was a big wipe out day for these beautiful trees. I find it bitter sweet that this project is taking place. The majority of these trees were the Ficus trees. They were originally planted, when the man-made harbor of Marina Del Rey was created in the 1960’s. So basically a large history of Marina Del Rey, CA has just been wiped out.

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The reasoning for this drastic action taking was due to the Ficus trees having these amazing roots, which cause havoc on the sewage system and the road.

ocean view condominiums in Marina Del Rey Endre Barath

Sadly this has many other side effects. There is a large bird population that has created homes on these trees. According to the Los Angeles County Officials they are cognizant of these species of birds which build nest in the trees and they are monitory this closely and are sensitive to the bird.

According to ‘the powers to be’, The Board of Supervisors has conducted an environmental analysis and claim that ‘the native trees’ will be better for the environment as well as the infrastructure. I am curious first of all, where will the birds move to while the county will put these “new trees” in place? Second what are these “native trees”?  They are called Bronze Loquat and Marina Strawberry Trees. I have never heard of them and I cannot recall seeing them before.

Either way if you will revisit Marina Del Rey, CA in the spring, you will notice that it will have a totally new feel and look, since you were here the last time.( If you were here in the past 50 plus years)

 ocean view condominiums in Marina Del Rey Endre Barath

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