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The End is near! Armageddon! Carmageddon! Now have fun and Relax!

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The End is near! Armageddon!  Carmageddon! Now have fun and Relax!

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The End is near! Armageddon! Carmageddon! Ok, let’s be real, everyone is on the hype that Carmageddon in Los Angeles, CA will create havoc and destruction. We are a society of let’s be herded i.e.: the herd mentality. We like to be lead. I beg you, Please do not buy into the doomsday scenario.

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The definition of Armageddon is the world’s end scenario, the place of the final battle to end the world. More generically we have been using the term for the end of the world scenario. Now we cobbled out the newly coined phrase Carmageddon. OK for most of us Angelinos not being able to drive would translate this to “the end of the world”.   OK I grant you the group of geniuses who came up with this plan in the middle of summer vs. during the off months of the winter might not have been the brightest planners in the world. The mid July Tourist will feel like the end will not be near, if they are sitting in traffic for hours.

traffic in LA by Endre Barath

OK, traffic expert, news media talking heads, politicians and bloggers are telling us that it will be a real mess out there. The 101 Freeway, the 10 Freeway, the 405 Interstate and all the surface roads heading near to or from it, so OK I get it. My answer is very simple: stay at home, Period!

July 3rd empty pool by Endre Barath

Let me re-assure you, the World will Not, I say will not end; you just will get a well deserved Relaxation Time that you have been dreaming about for the past two years. How about spending time relaxing at home? How about relaxing by the pool, after all it is summer and it will be in the 80’s Saturday & Sunday? How about that” summer read” you meant to read? How about spending time with your family?

Well if you do not take my advice than, go ahead, be depressed, go ahead and stress and enjoy the Traffic Mayhem from July 16th to July 18th, that is Midnight Friday to Monday Morning. I will not be showing properties, nor holding open houses instead will I be by the pool? You guessed it, yes I will be at the pool. Have a terrific weekend everyone!


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