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The Dilemma: Should I sell now or next year?

Posted on Sep 11, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The dilemma: Should I sell now or next year? Many sellers are asking themselves this question. As a trusted advisor you have to give good advice. I am constantly asked this question as I sit in front of my prospective clients. To me the answer is very clear. There are many reasons to sell now rather then wait until next year.

 Even though the economic recovery is appearing to be improving, the economy remains very fragile. As long it is fragile, that means consumer confidence is still lacking. As long as consumer confidence is weak, prices are vulnerable to new shock waves that can be seen on the news outlets daily.

 Add to this the unemployment figures. As long as the job market remains weak the answer is clear. There will be a great deal more economic mess, due to the banking sector remaining reluctant to lend money, home owners struggling to maintain without income.

 So there are many questions to ask. Will the Job Market be better next year? Will interest rates remain low? Will consumer confidence be stronger? Will the buyers return to the real estate buying in stronger numbers then this year? Depends how you answer this questions will determine in your mind whether you will decide to sell now or next year.

 I just want to pose the question: what if the prices drop another 10-15% next year?  Would you sell now or next year?

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