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The Canal Club,The Brother Restaurant of James’ Beach, Venice, CA

Posted on Oct 16, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Canal Club at 2025 Pacific Ave on the Corner of N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA.


This California Eclectic Restaurant is considered the Brother of James’ Beach the Restaurant directly across the street. (The owners James Evans and Daniel Samkow also own the restaurant across the street James’ Beach

This eclectic neighborhood restaurant was named the Canal Club due to the clubby feeling of the Venice neighborhood, as well as since it is literally a block away from the famous Venice canals.

  They serve great food just like its brother restaurant. The range is wider from Carne Asada to Sushi. They describe their menu as” … a broad definition of Pacific Rim cuisine …” The restaurant offer something for everyone and it pleases a variety of tastes, visitors or locals they all rave about the place. 

Every time I have been there, the Sushi bar was full, no place to sit. (By the way they have a 21 seat sushi bar) I never forget one of my more memorable visits, there were no tables, the bar was full, and we were hungry. The staff is great, magically they brought a table with two chairs and they placed them in one of the empty spots there we were reaching distance to one of my favorite celebrities who shall remain anonymous.  He was there with his wife enjoying the great food and the eclectic crowd.

 I am a wine drinker they just as the brother restaurant James’ Beach have a great wine selection by the glass, also recognized by the Wine Spectator Award for excellence, but the Canal Club also specializes in exciting cocktails and Sake.  Their more memorable drinks is the Venice Volcano with a flaming Bacardi 151 (brings back the old days). 

If you have not been there, you must go.

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