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The Best Wine Store in Los Angeles: The Los Angeles WINE CO!

Posted on Jun 25, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Best Wine Store in Los Angeles: The Los Angeles WINE CO.

Many of you who read my blog know I never give a perfect score for anything. It takes a lot to earn a perfect score from me.

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I have been going to the Los Angeles WINE CO now, for over six years and finally I decided to blog about them.

The Los Angeles Wine Company has been around since 1982. I was turned on to them by a Wine Connoisseur. He asked me where I get my wines. When I told him, he said this place has every one that you would want to drink in all price points and they are probably anywhere from 15-25% less expensive than the other stores.

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They do not have Sales or Specials so when you go to their establishment you have to buy what is available. If you wait you might miss out when you come back the next time it might be gone.

Since I have been a regular, I noticed that their inventory changes almost every 30 days and some inventory is brought back a couple of months later.

I have learned to trust the staff’s advice, if it is a $5.99 bottle or a $259 bottle, the odds are they will be fantastic wines. I have not been disappointed yet. 

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My wine shopping has always been the best. The only time it has not been when I went to another Wine store.  So with that said check out their website and their blog, you will be glad you did. While you are browsing on their site check out some of their friends and you will notice some great Restaurants who agree with me and do their wine shopping at The Los Angeles WINE CO.  & their Blog


4935 McConnell Ave.,   310.306.9463 in California or 800.854.8466 out of state
Unit #8
Los Angeles, CA


They are literally one street from Marina Del Rey, so I would say they are Marina Del Rey adjacentJ


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