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The Apple Pan is a Los Angeles Landmark Burger Joint!

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Apple Pan is a Los Angeles Landmark Burger Joint. If you can just imagine, they opened their doors to Hamburger lovers in 1947. This is a testament by itself, that here they are still packed in 2012. Many time I have the urge to go and have a juicy burger, unfortunately the lines are often out of this world.

Today I lucked out, the universe was lining up in my favor. So I found a parking spot behind the establishment as someone else was pulling out.

West Los Angeles realtor Endre Barath

Not only is this the oldest continuing operating restaurant in Los Angeles, but the “inspiration to “The Johnny Rockets Chain” of Burger Restaurant. The founder had in public claimed that he used The Apple Pan as the model for his 1940’s theme, copying the seating, the grilling area and even the menu.

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If you are on the west side of Los Angeles it is well worth the wait even if the lines are long. One of their most favorite Burgers that are loved by Angelinos is the Hickory Burger and of course the other is the Steak Burger.

The hamburgers are wrapped in paper and served on a cardboard plate as the French fries as well. Plan on getting messy, if you order a burger, they have a trademarked hamburger relish that is out of this world. Well check out my picture and judge for yourself! They also have great apple pies served with vanilla ice cream:))

Apple Pan Hamburger Endre Barath


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