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The animal sculptures of Century City,CA are gone!

Posted on Feb 10, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

  Sadly the animals of Century City, CA have disappeared. As most of you have been reading my blogs know that I loved the idea of having the animal sculptures on Avenue of the Stars in Century City, CA. It generated warmth in a normally cold high rise neighborhood.

I have written a couple of blogs how great it would be to keep the sculptures, well the powers to be did keep them a few extra months than what was anticipated.  (September 08,2013)  (September 10,2013)


Sadly a couple of weeks ago I drove by and none of the animals were there. Just as they quietly placed them there, just as quickly the powers to be took them down. They will be missed. So just as a symbolism I will post one more statue and you know that this one flew away too!


 Century City Animals, Endre Barath



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