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The age old question: What sells a home?

Posted on Jul 24, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The age old question:  What sells a home?  I have read many articles, posts and comments. There is a big school of thought that many agents, brokers believe that the answer is: The Price. I am a firm believer Price is just one of the components. The real reason a house sells is the Realtor®. The Realtor® recommends the price and the marketing strategy.

What is the Marketing Strategy? It is Staging, Open houses, broker’s open houses and internet exposure.

Staging is critical, sellers who do not agree to that, I tell them it will take a great deal longer to sell their home as well as it will command less money. If they do not want to spend the money for a Professional Stager, then a t the minimum I want them to de-clutter, de-personalize their home and have it show room ready every time I am showing their home.

 I like to have an open house for the agents to see the property and then an open house for the neighbors and to get me potential buyers and future sellers. Many agents consider it a waste of their time. I have received new listings and new buyers from every one of my open houses. Now keep in mind I will only do about one open house every other week at best.

Broker’s Open Houses are critical so the majority of the agents can see the home and remember the home for their present and future clients. I always like to provide food at my Broker’s Open House, since then the agents stay longer and remember the home more so then if they just zipped thru.

My favorite is Internet marketing, since that is where the buyers will be coming from, I like a good Virtual Tour with Floor Plans. Most International buyers want to see the floor plan and since the majority of buyers now days are from all over the world, I target my marketing to include them rather than exclude them.

In conclusion once a buyer appears it is the Realtor® who negotiates the offer and a Realtor® who keeps the buyer in escrow until the deal closes. What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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