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Thanksgiving is over you have been Meme’d & Tagged!BTW I am modifying the Rules:))

Posted on Dec 3, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Well I was off AR for a few Days, shopping, cooking and eating the Thanksgiving Traditional over indulgences. I truly took time off, did not even go on AR.  

I checked my mail and there is Mary Strang from Viroqua, WI, letting me know she meme’d me. Thanks to Steve Mattison from the Ozarks I was a pro at this Now :)))  

I am a book collector, finding a book in our place is not a problem, finding a  “normal book” in my home office is hard, since they are mostly reference books, sprinkled with a few other book, which have been banished from public display, since no one is allowed into my home office. 

Hardest part is who will be my next five victims /selection to be meme’d; the last time I selected, only two out of five played the game. So who shall they be? What criteria should I use to select the next five? 

So without any further hesitation: “Wooden a lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court” by Coach John Wooden with Steve Jamison.

P56 5th sentence “…The desire then and now is the same. The difference is that everybody worries about it more today because of the media and the attention they give to the question of who’s winning and who’s losing…..”

 With that I am modifying the rules Book Meme Powers forgive me:)):  Get the book you are currently reading. Go to page 56, and then go to paragraph 5, then fifth sentence. Write as much as you feel it meets the needs and Tagg five other candidates. 

Gail Tassey from Austin TX you have been Meme’d & tagged.

Jessica Bigger from Eureka, Ca you have been Meme’d & tagged.

Anne Hensel & Manuela Baginski from Florida you have been Meme’d & tagged.

Sharon Richards from Tampa Florida you have been Meme’d & tagged.


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