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Ten Things from the present: you might know now about me !

Posted on Aug 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Ten things from the present: you might not know about meJ and you might not want to know about meJ Then again you might get a better understanding of me, based on this blog postJ


1.       I love to eat at superb restaurants and copy the restaurants recipes for my friends by making them at home.


2.       I collect Cookbooks as well as Mystery and Fiction books.


3.       I eat and sleep Real Estate which I love more than anything other job I had in my life.


4.       I am an International Relocation Specialist and help buyers from all over the world finding their home in the Greater Los Angeles. I also have land knowledge unmatched by 90% of the Realtors in the Greater Los Angeles area. I also help renters who need a Pet Friendly Realtor not for the money but to help the pets find a homeJ.


5.       Since “the Steel Wheels Tour” of the Rolling Stones I have been to every concert they had and ticket price was never  an issueJ


6.       I do not like to gamble and consider it a waste of money, but am willing to go to Las Vegas to eat at a superstar chef’s restaurant and that I do not consider as a waste.


7.        I also give a large portion of my commissions to Animal Rescue Organizations and I do not consider that as a tax write off, rather that I am saving some of our furry friends’ lives.


8.        I am loyal to a fault with my friends and acquaintances until they cross me. Like baseball every one gets three chances before they are out!


9.       I am a Die Hard Red Sox fan who flies to Boston just to go to a Red Sox gameJ on special occasions.


10.    I live with Diane and our three cats and would not want to live anywhere else other than Marina Del Rey, CA.


Hope you enjoyed and were not too bored with a short synopsis about my life.




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