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Ten Things from my past: you might not know about me:)

Posted on Aug 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Ten things from the past: you might not know about meJ and you might not want to know about meJ Then again you might get a better understanding based on my backgroundJ

1.       I was born and raised for the first ten years of my life in Hungary,  I speak, read and write Hungarian.

2.       Lived in Austria for about three and a half years. Fluent in German.

3.       After the above two, Lived in Connecticut, New York, Michigan, Georgia, Germany, Massachusetts and California.

4.       Went to three different schools  and six years to get a  BA in German  (EMU,USMA, & UCON)

5.       Left the US ARMY as an, Airborne, Ranger, Infantry CPT

6.       My favorite Champaign is Krug Non- Vintage

7.        I Love Classical Music, Rock & Roll, Jazz and some Country Music

8.       Not only do I Love to read and collect First Ed. Hardcover books but in addition I love to talk with the authors about their books and then get their autographs.

9.       I Turned down a very lucrative  opportunity to Train the Saudi Arabian National Guard’s Soldiers

10.    Have been to the La Scalla in Milan Italy and watched/listened to Bolero and other great performances.

Hope you enjoyed and were not too bored with a short synopsis about my life.

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