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Temperature Differences within Los Angeles an interesting Phenomenon!

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Temperature Differences within Los Angeles an interesting Phenomenon!

Temperature differences within 12 miles of Los Angeles, CA. Locals, who live here, are accustomed to it. Visitors, Relocation Clients and people living in other parts of the country are always surprised to hear about this phenomenon. OK make a guess, it might surprise you to find out what the temperature differences are.

Land specialist in Los Angeles Endre Barath

As a living example, I left this morning and it was 59 degrees along the coast i.e.: Marina Del Rey, CA. We went and looked at my vacant lot on Queens Court ( )  on the Sunset Strip that is my buyer from China and I.

 I drove about 12 miles and travel time was about 45 minutes (that is food for another blog post) The Temperature was 72 Degrees. When we finished with the showing I was heading home, back to Marina Del Rey, CA. I was amazed to see that the Marine Layer was coming in. Some people think it is fog, but it is not. It is a cloud coming in from the ocean and dropping the temperature to a cooler state.


My cars outside temperature showed 57%, now that does not seem so bad for people living on the East Coast of the United States, but for us locals it is huge. We need to plan on bringing a Jacket, a Sweater and be prepared to shed them as we go to West Los Angeles, CA.  Now keep in mind there is an additional difference of Temperature if we would go to the San Fernando ValleyJ

relocation specialist in Marina Del Rey,CA Endre Barath


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