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Surge Protection: Do you need it? What does it do? Hope you never…

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Surge Protection: Do you need it? What does it do? Hope you never have to find out!

The other day I found out what Surge Protectors do and do not do. I had an electrician over the house and he was explaining to me as he was doing some wiring, he indicated that there are some old cloth covered wires that we should be replaced down the road. I thanked him for the advice. He seemed very knowledgeable and was willing to share his knowledge freely with me.

I was in my home office as he continued with his tasks; next thing I know is that smoke was coming out of one of my surge protectors. Needless to say drama ensued and all the surge protectors disintegrated. One of the most powerful Surge Protectors was protecting the Entertainment Center: The Pioneer Elite HD TV and all the components. This one also had the duty to protect the Phone & Fax line as well as the Internet (AT&T- Uverse).

The other surge protector had the job of protecting the laptop (Dell), the cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) and the third one had the job of protecting the Fax Machine (Brother), the Scanner (Brother) & the Printer (HP Laser Jet) and the phone itself (AT&T).

As you can see the Dollars add up quickly, it was clear to me that there were a lot of valuable items to protect.  Needless to say I was distraught at best. Not wanting to get Diane all nervous before the damage assessment is tallied up. I was just concerned and as I saw in the Electrician’s Eyes so was he. Long and short of it he was a referral and needless to say he had now Liability Insurance, but that is food for another post. Clearly when I asked how this happened his answer was “ I am befuddled” this to me was not the right answer.

Quickly he departed, no charge for his work, needless to say I was rushing to Best Buy to quickly buy new Surge Protectors.  Two hundred dollars later I was able to do some damage assessment. Thankfully the only equipment that fried outside of the surge protectors was my top of the line Brother Fax Machine. Ironically a few months ago I just bought a new Drum for it and it was to last 10,000 pages. Go figure the drum is probably still good.

So to summarize make sure you have good Surge Protectors, because your Equipments are more expensive to replace vs. the Surge Protectors. Now there is a lot of different Surge Protectors out there some are better than others. If you have some knowledge please share your comments here! The short answer is Surge Protectors save you a lot of money, head ache and you can continue with your business. If you are a Realtor or small business owner you know what that means. Lost connectivity is lost money!

Just on a side note when the next electrician will come to check things out, I will unplug everything from the wallJ!


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