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Successful & Average People Giving back to Society, is it in their DNA?

Posted on Oct 20, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I met a Limousine Manager & Chauffeur the other day, somehow the conversation drifted to Tipping.  He said ‘….you know, there are Tippers, who tip, it is in their DNA, and then there are those who do not…‘ He said he gives the best service to both and keeps trying to have the ‘non-tipper’ to reach into his pocket and tip. I started pondering this statement. How true. This made me wonder about Successful People Giving Back. Is it in their DNA to give back as well as the Tippers? What about the average Americans, who give their valuable time and volunteer to various Causes, is it in their DNA as well?

We hear about the Celebrities that use their Publicists to brag as a ‘Self Promotion’ to let the world know that they have given back to society. Their Donations do not even max out what the IRS allows for Donation that is Tax Deductible.

Then there are others, who amassed a fortune in their lives and their Generosity is beyond fathoming. I am going to site a few examples in no particular order.

One of Bill Gates’ most dramatic moves came not in the realm of technology, rather in combating a killer disease. $258.3 million in research grants to prevent and treat malaria. He’s philanthropy puts him among the world’s most influential givers. An impassioned Bill Gates called malaria, which kills an estimated 2,000 African children a day, a “forgotten epidemic.”

Paul Brainerd, founder of outdoor learning center Island Wood and the nonprofit venture capital group Social Venture Partners, an outdoor education facility located on 255 acres on Bainbridge Island. They host graduate programs in environmental education in partnership with the University of Washington.

 Eli Broad, who made his money in finance and real estate, pledged $300-million, one-third of which went to Harvard University to support a biomedical-research center he had established with a gift of the same size in 2003. Nearly two-thirds of the money went to augment the Broad Foundations, which support education, science, and the arts nationally, as well as civic projects in their native Los Angeles.

What about the Volunteers that help The Big Brother & Big Sister Programs, the countless Animal Rescue Organizations and their Volunteers. Realtors giving money to all sorts of Causes. Real Estate Agents volunteering for endless list of Causes. It is just amazing what a caring generous people we have out there. So my fellow Rainer is it in their DNA? Let me know.

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