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What is stronger Hunger or Love?

Posted on Nov 30, 2014 by in Observations about various subjects | 0 comments

What is stronger Love or Hunger? Most people would agree with me that the basic needs, hunger, thirst, survival instincts superseed love…..

Diane & Chiachi front yard

As most of you who read my blog posts know that Diane’s dog is so in love with her that words could not describe it so I am sharing a few photos here for you to see and be your own judge.

Diane & Chiachi front yard.jpg2

On a side note I must mention that we are in the process of getting Chiacchi  incorporated into a household with three indoor cats and  one stray in the back yard. Not an easy task if I might add.

Diane & Chiachi front yard.jpg3

Just to give you an idea we have set up a place for him to be with me in my home/office. So I was trying to feed him while Diane was about 500 feet away doing something else….as most of you know Hunger is often stronger than Love…he did not want to eat until he was with Diane. Need I say more?:)


Diane & Chiachi front yard.jpg4


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