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Stand up Paddle Boarders (SUP’s) in Marina Del Rey, CA be warned!

Posted on Jul 28, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Stand up Paddle Boarders (SUP’s) in Marina Del Rey, CA be warned!


The Stand up Paddle Boarders has increased in the Marina Del Rey, CA & Venice, CA areas over the past couple of years. I remember taking a picture or two of a young Bikini Clad Stand up Paddle Boarder as almost a novelty and curiosity. Then I started seeing young physically fit men on Paddle Boards, next thing you know, now I am seeing young and old, physically fit and some not so fit on Paddle BoardsJ


I guess the phenomenon has been catching on all over the country and especially here in Marina Del Rey, CA. Well I guess they are becoming a hazard to boaters and to themselves as well.


According to the Coast Guard Stand up Paddle Boards are classified as Vessels. Hence there has to be a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or a Life Jacket. There is a miniature version of this device in a Fanny Pack that can be inflated in an emergency this is known as a Special Use Device (5PFD) either manually or with a CO2 Device.


Keep in mind since it is a Vessel there has to be a sound device, like a horn, but in this instance a Whistle will suffice as well.


Now during the summer months there is a lot more activity in the Marina Del Rey, CA Channels and within 200 yards of the Coast of Venice & Santa Monica Beaches with various sized boats, sail boats and large vessel. There has been notable a lot more novice or inexperienced tourists who are in the water as well.

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Hence not surprisingly there is a great deal more Marine Law Enforcement Patrolling to protect the health and welfare of those in the water. Therefore if you are not complying the Law Enforcement will give citations


Be safe this summer and any time you are in the water. Should you have any question about the requirements, feel free to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol Office in Marina Del Rey at 310.482.6000




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