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Spinach, Berries and Avocado Salad from your local Farmer’s Market!

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Spinach, Berries and Avocado Salad from your local Farmer’s Market or your favorite Store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.


As most of you who know me, I am always experimenting and taking recipes from cookbooks and anywhere else I can find new fun and healthy food to try. I came across with one on the internet.


I loved the picture and the ingredients and I could tell this would be an amazing salad.

beverly hills homes Endre Barath,Jr.


The Ingredients: Spinach(8-14 oz), Mango (1), Avocado(1), Blackberries (8oz), Raspberries(8oz), Canola Oil(1/4cup-1/2 cup), Pine nuts91/4 cup to 1/2cup), Honey(2 table spoons), and then here you can play with depending on taste 2-3 table spoons of (lemon, or white wine vinegar, or orange Champaign vinegar or orange juice) and your level of comfort for citrus.


Key steps: Toast the pine nuts over a hot stove top , need to watch it close and keep moving the nuts 3-6 minutes and do not burn…(if you do not want pine nuts substitute, almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds it will taste different but still good)


Mango Vinaigrette: one mango, if you cannot get fresh sweet, or tart mango then use frozen mango, combine white wine vinegar or other citrus, about 2 table spoon of honey, about a cup of canola oil and even a table spoon of water. Puree the entire ingredients until they are thick, smooth and like a velvety dressing.

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I recommend either a white plate or a black plate but not ones with lots of designs: place the spinach depending on the number of people (8-14 ounces) then add the berries to give it a nice color and then the sliced avocadoes and then the toasted pine nuts!


Drizzle the Mango Vinaigrette on top of the salad and let me know if you liked itJ


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