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Sick Sea Lions in Malibu, CA UPDATE!!

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Sick Sea lions in Malibu, CA Update!!


 As most of you remember in March, Sick Sea lions have been washing up the coast of California, from San Francisco to Southern California Beaches. This has been going on for the entire month of March & April. Totally devastating and a sad occurrence, I almost did not want to write about these occurrences since it is so depressing. (Ultimately I did not until now)


All the news media have picked up these occurrences, the sea lion incident in Laguna Beach with the former US Representative’s daughter and husband the Astronaut Mark Kelly having their dog loose, not on a leash that killed the sea lion pup made the internet. Ironically the focus was on the celebrity status of the owners rather than focusing on the problem of why are Sea lion pups washing up all dehydrated? Ironically they did not even give them a ticket for being loose on the beach, but that is another story.


It is very disturbing when we see these animals washing ashore from Venice Beach to Malibu Beaches. Sadly what makes it so disturbing is we cannot help them. When you feel helpless that is the worst feeling in the world. Human nature is we want to help anyone in distress especially helpless animals.


We all want to help trying to bring them to the water, splash water on them. Ironically that is the worst thing you could do. The wisest move would be is to call animal control and they could call the Rescue Mammal Organizations.

sea lion pups washing ashore Malibu Endre Barath

Well here is the update: Why am I writing it now? Well now it is not news anymore at least not sensationalized news. Wild Life Rescuers have saved around 1550+/- sea lions along the California Coast. I am happy to report that is incredible! Sadly 10 -15% percent of the rescued pups had to be rescued again! So what is the Reason for this? According to scientists close to this disaster have found that it is due to a food shortage: The Pups like to eat squid and small fish and it appears that due to the natural disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan last Winter has caused increased radio activity and the small fish near the top of the ocean have been decimated which in turn have affected the Sea lion pups food supply. These in turn have triggered the standings of the Sea Lion Pups. Sadly this has been confirmed by the fact that there has been a higher radio activity found in the Sea Lion Pups on the West Coast. I am grateful to the Scientists, Volunteers and all the Sea World personnel who quietly helped save all the Sea Lion Pups. Sadly this was not News Worthy!


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