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Sellers need to choose Internet & Marketing savvy Realtors!

Posted on Oct 8, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

There are thousands of Real Estate Agents who are licensed in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Interestingly enough their skill levels and their quality of their service levels vary a great deal. If you are a Potential Seller you must look at the marketing skills of the Real Estate Agents who cover the Greater Los Angeles Area. The next step is ask the RE Agent if he or she is a Realtor and look at their Membership card if they say yes. There is a huge difference between a Realtor and a RE Agent. I will only mention one difference here, for starters a ‘Code of Ethics’.

 Let’s start by analyzing the many things a local Realtor can do for you to market your home besides advertising in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The local newspaper used to be a good source for marketing homes.  and  were the dominant sources for marketing homes in Los Angeles area for the last few years in Paper Format. Buyers however, do not frequent the Print Media in their search for a home in Los Angeles as previously. All the newspaper resources which were successful in the past for advertising and marketing your home are obsolete. The volume of calls received from these sources has dwindled severely. The Los Angeles Times has noticed this trend as well.  They channeled their resources into making the real estate section of  a better place for LA Area Realtors to market their listings.

Today, the Internet is where good Realtors market the homes in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  A year ago 75% of all buyers began their search on the Internet. Now more than 85% are looking and finding their homes on the Internet. Hiring an Internet savvy Realtor who understands Marketing and  the Technology  can provide you with the necessary Internet exposure has become an absolute MUST in today’s market. Let me give examples on the Internet, such as This Site Caters to buyers looking for homes all over the country. The most visited Real Estate Company Website is    similar to  in that you are able to see most of the properties on the market from one website. The newer sites on the World Wide Web, RealBird are a must in the Internet Marketing.

One of the newest and most important ways to market a home in The Greater Los Angeles area is via a Blog. This is an excellent means to get noticed by the search engines. Some of the best agents in the USA and Canada are now blogging. The best Real Estate website to Post information is and Both of these sites are very well recognized by the search engines such as Google and draw traffic to the Realtors who use them. Blogs provide buyers and sellers with great information, tips, advice, news, market reports, and promotion of their properties.

If you are considering Listing Your Property for Sale in the current Economic Market, please take the above information into consideration and List with an Internet Savvy Realtor.

If you are a consumer living inside or outside of California and are considering buying or selling investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Venice or Malibu, feel free to give me a call at  310.486.1002(USA) or email me at or visit one of my websites


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