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Seller’s Agent Should always be present at a home inspection.Period!

Posted on Sep 23, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Seller’s Agent Should always be present at a home inspection. Period!I have just  read a post which was featured from Chandler Arizona. Instead of writing a long comment I felt it deserved a post as a rebuttal.

I disagree with the concept of not having the Listing Agent Present due to a number of reasons; I will just mention the most important ones:

•1.       The protection of the home is still the Listing Agents’ Responsibility i.e.: legally

•2.       The seller’s agent is more familiar with the property and many times home inspectors have questions where certain things are located. Age, size, etc.

•3.       The seller’s agent should just be physically present and if needed he or she can answer the questions and if not, then the agent can contact the seller via phone or e-mail and get answers immediately for the inspector’s convenience.

•4.       It is not about being defensive at all, it is about providing a resource if needed.

•5.       Maybe in Arizona things are done differently; herein the greater Los Angeles area the best Listing Agents will be present at the inspections.

•6.       Good buyer’s Agents also provide the Seller’s Agent a copy of the inspection. The benefit is when the buyer comes back with a Request for Repair, the seller has been prepared mentally by the listing agent and jointly reviewed the physical inspection, and hence the negotiation can go based on the agent’s observation combined with the factual report.

•7.       In today’s Real Estate Transaction the physical inspection is just one part of the process that buyers and sellers need to rely on their trusted advisor the buyers and seller agents, hence if they are not present,  nor they do not get an out brief at the minimum it is harder to give good advice.

•8.       The purpose is not to be adversarial or defensive rather to gather factual information.


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