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Roy Choi: The Godfather of Los Angeles Chefs!

Posted on Nov 16, 2014 by in Observations about various subjects | 0 comments

Roy Choi has become synonymous with being known as the godfather of Los Angeles Chefs. He is considered now, the darling of all the foodies, food critics and ‘the who is who’ of Los Angeles. His overnight fame was long in the making. He graduated first in his class at the CIA also known as the Culinary Institute of America in New York. To those readers, who are not familiar with the CIA, if you graduate from it the best comparison is to being a graduate of Yale or Harvard in the Food World.

Needless to say life takes turns and some succeed immediately others struggle, but those who have a strong perseverance or should I say stick to it, mentality end up succeeding. Roy Choi is the perfect example of this never give up mentality. Even though he went off the fast track to becoming a super star chef, he did not give up. He worked in Lake Tahoe at one of the large Hotels mass producing quality meals.

Then he returned to Los Angeles his home town and he is best known for being the Godfather of the Food Truck Revolution. He started the Kogi Truck and the rest is history.

Well in case you have not followed his meteoric rise since the Food Truck Revolution took off let me summarize it here for you. He has to my last count about eleven eating establishments that I know of:

  1. 3 Worlds in Couth Los Angeles on Central ave where they serve coffees, lattes and smoothies and of course the Double Dole Whip Smoothie. Appropriately named since he is being largely supported by the Dole Corporation on this venture ( will write a post about this later)
  2. The ALIBI ROOM in Culver City perfect Drunk Friendly FoodJ
  3. The Sunny Spot in Marina Del Rey a Carribean Style eatery
  4. The A-Frame another Culver City eatery
  5. Chego also a Culver City eatery
  6. Let me not forget the Kogi BB Trucks I believe there are about eight or more traveling in LA and Orange Counties feeding the massesJ
  7. Pot in the heart of Korea Town 3515 Wilshire Blvd. LA, CA. 90010 I originally intended on writing a post about this great restaurant needless to say now I will have to write a post about this one as well.J
  8. The Commissary in the same building which happens to be the Line Hotel
  9. The Pot Lobby Bar
  10. CaFe   also in the same building
  11. Now I hear he is opening another POT in Redondo Beach at the Pier (my favorite place go to buy fish when I have time and want a change of pace from Santa Monica)

Needless to say in addition to running all the Food Trucks, Restaurants in his spare time he has written an autobiographical book/cook book “ LA Son: My Life, My City, My Food” and in addition to doing book signings he has done many interviews with Radio, Television and Media personalities. Oh and let me not forget he just finished not too long ago being the technical advisor to the movie which is loosely based on his meteoric rise in the culinary world “Chef”.

He is my hero, for showing me that Perseverance, Stubborn Dedication and a Passion will lead you to success sooner or laterJ. He is as passionate about food as I am about Real Estate!

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