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Renaming the Marina Freeway to The Ballona Freeway: what’s in a name?

Posted on Sep 14, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Renaming the Marina Freeway to The Ballona Freeway: what’s in a name?

Many of us who are Realtors understand the value of Branding. There is a lot in a name. It appears that Environmental Activists agree with this idea. Amongst locals the Marina Freeway is called “the 90” since it is the number given by the state many years ago.

So, where do ideas come from? Often times it comes from obscure events or occurrences. In this case the idea was born about five years ago, when Los Angeles Times columnist Pat Morrison floated the concept of changing the name of the freeway at an awards ceremony.

So fast forward to today the 90 Freeway known as the Marina Freeway at least the name will be on the Docket for legislators to vote an and changing the name to “The Ballona Freeway”. Now keep in mind the 90 Freeway cuts through the Ballona Wetlands.

I am all for the idea, because if you hear the name over and over, it keeps the importance of protecting the wetlands and the ecosystem in front of everyone. Just like Realtors want their name kept in front of buyers and sellers to be remembered. Amazingly it works. So hope that this great idea will not be tabled or forgotten when the legislature reconvenes next yearJ (yes I know, but that is another blog post about the time and effort politicians workJ)

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Now keep in mind this just does not only Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista & Marina Del Rey but the entire Southern California and the greater part of Los Angeles. After all this is our Wetlands we are trying to preserve.

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