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Reflections of a Gold Medal Winner on Active Rain!

Posted on Aug 11, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Reflections of a Gold Medal winner on Active Rain!


As the XXX th Olympiad is coming to an end this Sunday, I take this opportunity to reflect on the amazing drive, determinations, stamina, preparedness and perseverance of these great Olympic Athletes from all over the world. In addition to the previously mentioned common denominator, what I saw was the amazing willingness to sacrifice their time for the single minded goal of achieving Olympic Greatness. Their mental toughness is just unparalleled. These athletes not only have the support of their country, their coaches and friends, in addition most have family support as well.


This made me think and I could not help, but compare being a Realtor to an Olympic Athlete on a much smaller scale. How many times we sacrificed our free time to achieve our goal to succeed in our profession. Just as there are average athletes, there are average Realtors as well. Just as there are super star athletes there are super star Realtors. They each work hard, put in the time, sacrifice and train to be the best in areas of knowledge, marketing, community service and most of them have the support of their company, family and friends.


So I started some soul searching and wondered what do I have to do to be an Olympic Size Realtor? The biggest questions come clear as day to me: Do I have the Drive? Do I have the willingness to Sacrifice to achieve Olympic Size greatness in Real Estate? Is the Goal worth the Objective? Do I have the Passion?


Interestingly I was listening to a psychiatrist’s evaluation of athletes who have won Gold, Silver and Bronze. He indicated that the best place to be is being the winner of a Bronze Metal. The years of training, support of all culminates with making it to the podium now that is Total Satisfaction with harmony. Those who received Silver felt as if they failed by not achieving Gold, hence they were not Satisfied, they need to continue tweaking and improving all that they did for the next four years so they do not fail again. Keep in mind they won the Silver, not really failing in my book. Then of course there were the Gold Winners. They were satisfied for now, but they needed to achieve more success, more Gold Metals so they will be working hard to repeat again.

Endre Barath Gold Medal winning Realtor

So what I have to do is find out what my Value System needs: Gold, Silver or Bronze? Now keep in mind if I shoot for the Gold and only get Silver or bronze will I be disappointed? Will I be able to live with the missed objective? Then I realized how lucky I am that I am not an Olympic Athlete, I do not have to wait four years. My Goals are much easier to achieve: every year I have a new opportunity to achieve Gold and I have bench marks monthly and quarterly to see if I am on track or not!

gold medal winner on active rain

Hence I feel lucky that I am a Realtor and can work every day and every week towards my Gold Medal! I have the support of my sellers, my buyers and my family so what more do I want? Then I realized I not only survived the Economic & Real Estate meltdown, but I am thriving. That means clear to me:  I am a Gold Medal Winner already! I will also have the opportunity to continue getting as many Gold Medals as I want as long as I have the Passion and accumulate a lot of Gold Medals!

gold medal winner on active rain

Just to make sure I maintain my gold medal pace for the coming years:


Goal:  I will double my production from 2012 to 2013


How will I do it: Double my Lead Generation & My Listings with Razor Sharp focus! I will continue to reach out to all my Active Rain friends for help and support. Who are they? They know who they are. They are my supporters who visit, read and comment on my blog posts. Thank you Active Rain & all my supporters, for letting me accumulate a lot of Gold Medals!


 Anna Banana thank you for the contest! Active Rain Thank you for the platform! Thank you all for letting me a Gold Medal Winner all these Years!




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